Killer Fungus: Still in Recovery

It’s been a while but since I have posted on this gardening blog but garden experiments take time. My first post was in regard to the fungus that Katrina left behind years ago. The fungus affected some flowers but devastated my edibles. To recount, the blight started by yellowing and spotting the bottom leaves of my tomatoes. Those leaves eventually fell off and the fungus spread quickly through the plant. The plant withered and died. The fruits on my other plants looked awful. Eggplant leaves also withered and died and in some cased didn’t even fruit. All my peppers became stunted and produced small peppers at first and then stopped fruiting. I did try the home remedy noted in my first blog but that was not effective enough for me because it took too long to work and in the quality of heat that we’ve had, oil on leaves are a really bad idea. The plants began to cook.

I reevaluated my strategy and decided that I would use a non homemade fungicide treatment. My research led me to a substance called copper fungicide. I used it in a water solution in which I sprayed the ground, the plants and my pots. After 2 sprays, I noticed the results as seen the above photo. While the problem is not over, it is far improved especially for this time of the season. I know with the rains we’ve had plus the heat expected this summer I will have to spray a few more times before the season is out, but I have hope.

Some important notes: I should also point out that I simultaneously used my new compost tea solution while treating the fungus. In addition, the area that was treated with the fungicide mixture is now prolific in Pasley; to some an annoying weed, but to us it’s an addition to stir fry or a salad. Clearly other plants have benefited from the fungicide treatments.

I hope this information is helpful to at least one of you out there.

Happy Gardening!




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